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Chefi Borzacchini’s book: “Venezuela Sembrada de Orquestas”

March 31, 2008

Let’s find a way to have Chefi Borzacchini’s book translated into
English, Hebrew, Yiddish, Japanese, Arabic, and Chinese:
“Venezuela Sembrada de Orquestas.”

It’s a history of Maestro Abreu’s FESNOJIV.

How about one of the prompters at the MET as conduit to translator/publisher?

UN translators?

Know anyone?

Know anyone who knows someone?

Variously translated as:
–Venezuela Seeded with Orchestras;
–Venezuela Sprouting with Orchestras;
–Venezuela Bursting with Orchestras [in Jenn Chang’s thesis].

Yahoo search results for “Venezuela Sembrada de Orquestas” :

ES-NYC has a copy; Jose Bergher might be able to arrange for purchase of extra copies.


Hello world!

March 31, 2008

Welcome to The Infinite Power Of Music blog––TIPOM for short.

We hope to engender a wikipedia-type collaborative resource center for promoting the world’s most INCLUSIVE and SUCCESSFUL music-education system– JOSE ANTONIO ABREU‘S EL SISTEMA.

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