Chefi Borzacchini’s book: “Venezuela Sembrada de Orquestas”

Let’s find a way to have Chefi Borzacchini’s book translated into
English, Hebrew, Yiddish, Japanese, Arabic, and Chinese:
“Venezuela Sembrada de Orquestas.”

It’s a history of Maestro Abreu’s FESNOJIV.

How about one of the prompters at the MET as conduit to translator/publisher?

UN translators?

Know anyone?

Know anyone who knows someone?

Variously translated as:
–Venezuela Seeded with Orchestras;
–Venezuela Sprouting with Orchestras;
–Venezuela Bursting with Orchestras [in Jenn Chang’s thesis].

Yahoo search results for “Venezuela Sembrada de Orquestas” :

ES-NYC has a copy; Jose Bergher might be able to arrange for purchase of extra copies.


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